Friday, February 18, 2011


Aggie is such a good mother.  Aggie's mother, Anna, was just the best which is amazing because Anna was a little orphaned Jacob ewe who we hand raised after rescuing her from another farm.  We haven't yet named Aggie's little ewe lamb.  I think she needs a name that starts with "a" just like the rest of Anna's offspring.
This little one was getting a bit of a bath.  This Dexter calf is no longer a baby but mother still treats him that way!  She cleaned at that ear for a good 3 minutes.
And little mister Pumpkin absolutely loved the pleasant weather yesterday.  He took a bit of a break from romping around to lounge.  He has some lanky legs and is already showing his little horn buds on top his head.  He was also practicing wrinkling his nose like rams do.

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