Saturday, February 12, 2011

Odds & Ends

Monday night's lamb is thriving.  He is a happy little boy with a very loving and efficient mother.  We did let Baloo come visit him but Baloo was more intrigued with the nasty little clumps of meconium that the little fellow had passed his first day of life than with the lamb.
We've brought in three different 100 bale loads of hay in barely a week.  Al and I have had a good workout unloading and stacking it all.  Ravi insists on helping.  He wanted to jump to the top of the trailer and I just happened to have my camera out.  This is a picture of him bouncing off of the hay and tumbling to the ground.
We felt sorry for him so unloaded enough bales to build a little stairway.  He climbed to the top and sat proudly, obviously not to concerned with his initial tumble.  He was also too helpful as we were trying to find spots in the old barn to stick a few more bales.
Sadie, in the meantime, believes her job is to guard little April.  She also wants to groom little April and I've found Sadie with a mouth full of fleece and April with a bald spot.  We are working on breaking this bad habit.
And, finally, April disguised as a pile of old hay.....

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