Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So I was thinking....

As I was walking out to feed the dogs, I noticed our first little lamb dancing around in the pasture with his mother.  I was thinking it was a shame he was born so early in the season as he had no one to play with.  I opened the gate into the barnyard, lifted my head to see what dog was in which pasture and noticed this.
Aggie had delivered a lovely little red ewe with a very white head.  The little one was up and about.  She had a full little tummy so had already nursed.  A newly born lamb looks so flat until they get something in their stomach!  The placenta had only just been delivered.  Eric and I moved mama and daughter into a stall in the stable for a little quiet time and a chance to give mama a good meal of grain and fresh hay.  And in a few days the little ram lamb will have a playmate in the pasture.


  1. I would get nothing done...other than staring at those sweet little babies!

  2. Oh, I can fiddle hours away outside. I always tell myself I'm just walking the pasture for loose baling twine but I'm really just watching babies bounce around.