Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh, Benjamin

Benjamin is a stray cat that Katy dragged home with her a few years ago.  At the time he was skinny and had what looked to be an abscess on his side.  After a little exploration by the vet, we discovered it was his kidney that had somehow emerged through his muscle wall and was floating under his skin.  Many hundreds of dollars later, Benjamin is an 18 pound monster who loves life.  He is mostly in the house but we have been letting him out when he can play nicely.  Initially he wanted to pick a fight with the other cats and often ended up on the roof hissing and howling.  Now he has mellowed a bit and has just recently been enjoying a daily excursion to the world of "outside".

He decided yesterday to lounge in a wheelbarrow full of hay that we'd moved over for the donkeys.  That did not last long.

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