Thursday, May 26, 2011


We decided to store some of the abundance of oat hay in the tractor shed.  It has a nice new roof.  Two of the walls are solid and the other two are made up of cattle panel and gates.  The chickens and babies can slip in but the hay is safe from the adult livestock.  The babies have had a great time exploring the new hay, snacking as they go.
We started with a small overflow of hay in the tractor shed but another week added even more so that the hay is almost to the rafters.  I was surprised to find a very brave or foolish little Shetland ram lamb almost to the rafters.  The pictures are not the greatest but you can see he's awfully far up.  He is either a very brave or very silly little man.

There was a little exploring going on at the front of the house this week as well.  Our sweet friend, Jeff, said it was time to pull up some excess cabbage as the weather was hot and it was going to turn bitter.  He wanted to know if the animals would like it.  He is so good to offer us his culls and extras for the creatures!  Al filled the back of the pick up truck in very short order.  As he was unloading here at home Bud, one of the Tunis sheep, figured out what was going on so decided to help.

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