Monday, May 30, 2011

A Green Treat

Our sweet friend, Jeff, of Iszy's Heirlooms, texted me Sunday afternoon to say he had some animal food.  That is always a good message as it means he is finishing up one crop and beginning another.  Rather than just turn it under, he offers it to us for the livestock. This time he had plenty of romaine and Chinese cabbage that was ready to be pulled as the hot weather would be turning it bitter. I walked a very long row, twisting the heads free while Al followed behind with the wheelbarrow. We ended up with about 150 heads, plenty to give everyone here a nice treat.


  1. Ha! Love the two sheep eating from the truck! No patience there! The geese look like they are enjoying it too.

  2. The geese are such snobs - romaine only, none of that cabbage. The entire truckload was gone in less than an hour. I did find one little dirty root end this morning while I was out photographing the new calf. These are all very well fed creatures but I guess it is like leaving the cookie jar open in a room full of kindergarteners.