Sunday, May 15, 2011

Playing With the New Camera

I received a new camera for Mother's Day & it has a wonderful zoom (18X) so that I can finally take pictures of some of our overly-friendly creatures without even having to go into their pastures.  I had been very frustrated with my other camera.  It was a fine camera but perhaps I should say I was frustrated with my creatures.  Whenever I tried to take their pictures, they would run up to me for some attention and I would end up with a very close-up shot of their noses, eyes, ears, etc.  Now it seems I can sneak around the farm and take a few pictures before anyone realizes what I am up to.

So, a little of the family with a few captions:

A very handsome rooster gleaning some of the scrap grain from the newly cut oat hay.  He was born here as a hybrid (which means we really haven't a clue who his parents were.....) so he is a very attractive one-of-a-kind fellow.

Little Odette, one of our funniest looking little lambs, taking an afternoon nap next to the stable wall.
One of our oldest Shetland ewes with a hen for company.

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