Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Borrowed Children

It was too stinking hot to dye things today.  Instead, I borrowed three delightful children from town and we did a little visiting.  We started at my daughter-in-law's family farm in Anderson, Hardy Berry.  They got their berry picking baskets weighed and then visited Jack, the Anatolian Shepherd, and his sheep and alpacas.
Since our son was working the farm he gave the children the grand tour including a trip up to the big water cannon irrigating the corn field.  On the way back they raced Bear, one of the farm dogs, around the edge of the pond.
They helped cull some overgrown squash, loading it all in my car to take home to the oxen.
Every time Betsy disappeared it was because she was busy snuggling Bear.
After picking blueberries we went on to our friends at Iszy's Heirlooms.  I'd called ahead and asked Jeff if we could trade him some blueberries for his gorgeous tomatoes.  He was in the field when we arrived.  He had just seen evidence of a tomato horn worm so let the children help him track it down.
We finished back at my farm where we had to give bottles to lambs, gather some eggs, check the water troughs and feed the culled squash to the oxen.  All in all, it was a pleasant morning.


  1. Our children had a fabulous time today. Thanks so much for having them.

  2. I'm jealous! ;) Looks like they had a wonderful time!

  3. They are delightful & inquisitive children so it was a ball to show them around. I really do enjoy our life!

  4. Tomatoes don't ripen around here until August, so I'm just a little jealous you can pick them this early. Looks like a fun day by all. :)

  5. The tomatoes have been in for a few weeks now. Jeff just called me this a.m. asking me to come take all I can eat as he has an abundance ;-) He is one sharp farmer, staggering his planting so that he has them for a few months.