Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Carissa's Scarf

On Saturday a young lady who works at the restaurant right behind my Market tent was admiring my sock yarn and also some of my scarves.  Long story short - I offered to knit her a ruffled scarf from her favorite sock yarn and also to dye some more sock yarn in yellows for another scarf.  So I started knitting Sunday afternoon, dyed her yellow yarn on Monday & finished my knitting this morning.
The scarf is knit sideways and I don't have a pattern, I just cast on lots of stitches and go.
After a while I knit stitches together to draw up the ruffle.  I also throw in a few yarn over/knit two together business to make a few lacy holes.
I think this scarf, which ended up being over 6 feet long, should suit her just fine.


  1. So pretty, both the color and the lacy look of the scarf!

  2. Thanks, Kelly. I love mindless knitting. I can sit in the house enjoying the a/c without feeling I'm wasting time.

  3. Love the colour and the fact that you knit as you go rather than following a pattern :)

  4. Well, sometimes knitting as I go ends up as a bit of a surprise but almost never one that can't somehow be salvaged ;-)