Saturday, December 31, 2011

An End of the Year Surprise

My sweet husband mentioned last night that he wanted to take me to town to get my own bow so that I could shoot with him in the evenings.  We have a target out back and he and our middle son often just take a few shots in the evening to wind down for the day.  So today we went to a small archery shop in town where I was fitted for my own bow.  I did not want a camo print bow as I really just want to enjoy a little target shooting.  I picked the oddest bow they had - a color called Gator Blue.  I can hit the target but will need to build my endurance.  It is a 31 pound draw which isn't that tough but after a dozen shots I was beginning to feel it, especially noticing that my aim was shifting as I fatigued.  I've put my new toy away for today but will certainly tackle it again tomorrow.


  1. I bet you had fun with it! My youngest got one this year too. They sure are fancier than the ones we used in gym class back in high school! Have a wonderful and safe New Year!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I've already raised a blood blister on my left forearm - overdid the shooting to the point of muscle fatigue & turned in my wrist so the string just pounded my arm. But that's okay as I've got to build a little more endurance. Back at it tomorrow ;-)

    I noticed on your latest blog post that you now have an alpaca? Too cool!

    And a Happy & Joyful New Year to you!

  3. yep, sure do! Crazy huh? But my plan worked...we are looking for land now! :) I am having him gelded and he will be for fiber only. He had a fault on his ear and they did not want to breed him. So lucky for me, and lucky that my friend has an alpaca farm, so he has lots of buddies.

  4. That is awesome. And so much better to have him gelded as you want him just for fiber & not procreation ;-) We've had llamas (all retired fancy pants pedigrees from another lady's farm).My daughter-in-law's family farm acquired 2 alpacas last spring. Husband & I have helped our son trim their toes & give shots so I'm thinking we'll also be called on at shearing time but that is okay. We also have someone up the road that we shear for who has a camel named Butterscotch. Sounds funny, I'm sure, but he has that same slightly sweet smell that the alpacas & our llamas have.