Saturday, December 10, 2011


Kermit's mother was the sweetest Nubian doe.  His daddy was one of our Angora bucks.  He has grown into a big stinky fellow who shows his heritage in the oddest seasonal fashion.  He grows in a gorgeous silky white winter coat and then sheds to coarse black hair in the spring.  He has been especially "bucky" lately, so much so that he was finally banished to the cattle pasture for being so aggressive with the smaller goats.

He keeps an eye on me whenever he can.  Just the other day he came running as I pulled Allez, one of the Anatolian Shepherds, in for her evening meal.  He was rankled that I shut the door in his face; he loves to grab mouthfuls of dog food.

Just as an indication of Kermit's size when he is standing on his hind legs I will tell you that the cross bar of the half door at the back of the old barn is a little over five feet.  He towers above it.  At one point it almost seemed he was trying to reach through to throw the latch.  I'm glad he has hooves and not fingers.


  1. Looks like you better keep an eye on that boy. This shows a good reason not to give animals opposable thumbs, LOL Thank you for sharing your animal stories, they've quite interesting.

  2. Thanks, Ally. It is always something ;-) And I love your pug picture. They are just hysterical little dogs!