Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Treat

We are in the habit of letting the dogs lick at an empty peanut butter jar for a few hours before we throw it away.  They work at it and really seem to enjoy it.  I'd tossed a jar out to Ravi, one of the Anatolians, this afternoon but he was so excited to follow Al as he did his chores that he quickly abandoned it for a trip to a back pasture.  As I was returning from gathering eggs I found one of the does hard at work.  Her little tongue was flying as she struggled to get every tasty bit that she could.


  1. haha! we have peanut butter lovers in this house too. The dog of course, AND the Blue Crowned Conure Louie. So funny to see a goat enjoying it too!

  2. I could not get a good picture but at one point she had her head tilted up with the jar balanced on the end of her nose as she ran her tongue around the inside. She was drooling peanut butter slobber and smiling!

  3. yesterday we had an after school practice for our math team. I gave them all hot cocoa during our break to drink. When they finished it they realized there were chocolate pieces in the bottom of the cups....needless to say they looked very similar to your doe!