Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Busy Day

The puppies were busy with their goat friends as usual. Everything seemed to be back to routine after two goat kids being born over the weekend. We even let the mothers and kids out to romp for a bit. It is hysterical to watch a two-day old climb onto a three inch tall log and then leap with all its might to the ground below. I spent a good bit of time just watching babies as I dug thistles in their pasture.

There was a bit of a surprise before the day ended. I noticed one ewe who had separated herself from the small flock that prefers to live in the woods. I watched as she pawed the ground, circled restlessly, laid down and stood again. I snuck up on to find she was in labor and that I could observe two front feet and the tip of a nose. I went on up the hill, gathered eggs and returned. About a half hour later a little white lamb with red spots presented itself to the world. That little one is now safely in the stable with mama. Fortunately Katy was able to help as we had to coax mama up out of the woods by dragging her while dangling her lamb in front of her. The walk up out of the woods seems a lot longer when most of it is done squatting and slowly creeping so as not to spook mama.

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