Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Never Know....

I never know what I will find when I make my usual walk back to gather eggs. This time it was the mother of twins with her head stuck. One of her kids was waiting patiently with her. Because one horn is slightly longer and bends at a different angle than the other, it is quite a puzzle to free her. I usually end up with a smashed finger or at least lots of frustration before she is free.

And I have mentioned before that if I find eggs at a "new" spot, I always throw them out and check that spot the next day. I have no idea how long the hens have been laying in a new spot so would never want to accidentally sell an old egg. Well, I was gathering eggs from the nest box in the old barn and happened to glance over into the next stall. When we had to move all the mothers and babies into the stable during a storm, Al had moved an old door into the barn so that no one accidentally knocked it over on themselves. It made the perfect shelter for some hens to begin a nest. Since we have an abundance of eggs right now, I've decided to leave all of them right where they are and see what happens.

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