Monday, March 22, 2010

Silly Girl

Years ago we attended a seminar with a goat expert from Texas. One of the first statements he made was that each goat starts its day thinking about how it might kill itself before the day is out. Goats tend to get themselves into some pretty amazing predicaments.

Today I went out to feed mothers and check babies. I happened to glance over to the covered round bales and this is what I saw. A goat had stuck her head through the wire fencing toward the covered round bales. She must have gnawed a hole through the tarp. She then stuck her head through the tarp behind the fence on the hopes she could reach hay. Because of the way her horns curl back, she was not able to extract her head from the fencing. I managed to do that for her after a little bit of struggle. I got her head out of the tarp so that I could see her horns and guide her head back through the fence. Ironically, there was plenty of hay available no more than a few yards from where she'd pulled this stunt. Since she is not one of the mothers, I escorted her out of this pasture. She'll just have to get into trouble somewhere else.

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