Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zeke & Esther

These two are the first of the livestock I see most every morning. Zeke & Esther are our standard donkeys. Over eleven years ago when we began to consider moving to South Carolina, Eric, our middle child, decided he had to have donkeys. When we drove up here to close on the house, Eric found a little notice in a feed store about someone with donkeys to sell and, being the gregarious little ten year old that he was, he made the call. He found a woman with two pregnant jennies. We met the jennies and followed their pregnancies until the birth of the first little foal. He was a cute fellow and Eric just adored him. Within a few weeks, the other jennie foaled. We ended up with both of those little ones when they were five months old and weaned. There were twice-weekly trips to see them from the time they were born until they were delivered here. And now I am reminded of that every morning as they talk to me when I come out the side door to start chores.

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