Sunday, March 28, 2010

This one needs an explanation....

The mother Angora goat is Curly. Well, actually Curly 2 - named after her mother who died a few years ago. Curly 2 is her mother's spitting image, not only in appearance but in behavior. Curly's little kid this year has been named Marie and Marie is a pistol. Marie is the little one bouncing on the trash can in the video posted a few days ago.

I happened to be passing by the fence and noticed Curly and Marie laying up next to it. When I first noticed them, Marie was napping on top of Curly's back. By the time I got around to the picture, Marie had gotten up from her nap. Curly, however, was still laying down. Since Marie could not reach her mother's udder, she was finding someplace to nurse. She spent a good bit of time suckling her mother's brass ear tag - that is what I did manage to get a picture of! Finally mama gave in and stood up so that Marie could get her after-nap snack.

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  1. She is way too cute! I just found your blog through Carolina First Market's facebook page. :^)