Saturday, March 24, 2012

An Explosion

This is what I was greeted by when I returned from a school yesterday afternoon.
This mother had suddenly started to blow her coat.  She'd obviously been using her lovely horns to scratch those funny little itchy spots as she was shedding out.
I chased her around for a bit and gleaned some lovely curls.  This goat's father was a Nubian X Angora buck and her mother was an Angora doe so she has an odd coat which consists of silky curls mixed with coarse hair.  I have plenty of animals producing great fiber so I just let her shed out rather than try to shear and save a few curls.  I'll be interested to see how long it takes her to get back to her spring coat.  I will also be watching to see if her adorable little doeling keeps a smooth coat or eventually shows us a few curls.

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