Saturday, March 3, 2012

Too Cute

I was walking in from gathering eggs and glanced through a fence to see some of the goats staring at Regina, one of the Anatolian Shepherds, eating her dinner.  They are obviously well-fed enough that they were not trying to get her food.  They were just watching the old gal enthusiastically enjoy her dinner.
These two does were just resting their chins on Kermit, their buck.  He is the funniest fellow.  His father was one of our Angora bucks and his mother was a petite precious Nubian doe.  He is a big pushy fellow who keeps his own harem in a pasture with some of the cattle.  He is very sweet to his ladies but he can be a pushy pig around any other male animals.  The girls seem to think he is just a doll!

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