Saturday, March 31, 2012


This is Sadie, one of our Anatolian Shepherds, tending to little Ralphie.  Ralphie was born prematurely last season.  He had a twin brother who died hours after birth.  Mother delivered them, walked away and never looked back.  Ralphie was so premature that he didn't even have hoofs on his little feet.  Somehow we managed to save him.  I attribute much of the success to the constant love and attention that Sadie showed him.

Ralphie has grown into a very spoiled young man.  He has decided that he cannot be content unless he is looking for trouble.  We feed very nice hay, all of our pastures are growing well and there is no reason to want to go anywhere else.  Unless you are Ralphie.  He has a tendency to get into trouble and needs rescuing at least once a day.
After having to rescue him often, we moved him to another pasture without the woven wire fencing.  He still managed to find a way to get into trouble but at least he wasn't constantly stuck.
But I am sure the whole "stick your head somewhere it barely fits" is a goat thing.  Here's last week's rescue:
All this grief for a tiny tuft of grass that had sprouted after a recent rainstorm.  The goat was rescued, the roll of fence removed and the chickens quickly snatched up the clump of grass.  This is why I walk the entire farm several times each day.

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