Saturday, March 10, 2012

Good Heavens.

Mo birthed this delightful little man sometime in the night.

Al found him first thing this morning all up, fed and happy.  Mo is an experienced mother and it is a pretty day so we thought we'd leave them outside for a bit.  We snuck a little extra grain to her and soon discovered what a nosy little fellow she has.

We've checked on them every time we've gone outside and all seemed well.  Mo had him around the back of an old barn so that he was protected from the wind.  On the latest visit out, though, I was not able to find him.  Mo was still at the back of the barn along with Oliver, the lamb's father.  Both Mo and Oliver stood up as I walked up but no lamb appeared.  After a bit of searching we found him.
I imagine the back of the barn wall did not provide enough shelter to suit him so he found his own.
It seems mama Mo knew where he was as she wasn't concerned.
Looks like we may need more than Baloo, the LGD, to keep an eye on this little man!


  1. I think you need to send the picture of him in the nest box to Backyard Poultry magazine. They would love it! I am thoroughly enjoying reading your updates of all the Spring new additions.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. That is the cutest lamb picture I've ever seen! Definitely send it into a magazine or three!

  3. I have gotten to the point where I throw my camera in my pocket every time I go outside. It is just a laugh a minute around here!