Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Season's First Baby

Friday night we had thunderstorms with heavy rain.  Saturday morning when Al was doing chores he found this doe and her little doe kid high and dry on the porch of the stable.
We put the two of them into a stall so that mama could have grain, fresh water and hay all to herself.  The doe kid is strong and healthy. This morning she was busy practicing standing on three legs as she scratched her ear.

This is mama's first year to kid.  She is obviously a sweet and very capable mother who adores her little doe.


  1. Congratulations! There's not much cuter than a baby goat. :-)

  2. One of my favorite parts of every year is baby season. Hope this one gets a playmate soon!

  3. Oh my goodness! Sweetness!! We just had the state fair here, and the baby goats were my favorite...I love their little goat sounds. :)

  4. Baby season can be challenging but it is also such a blessing! The just tickle me. I recognize most by their voices and it is fascinating how much the kids end up sounding similar to their mothers.