Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Years!

Today is the 25th anniversary of the day that Al & I met. It is a date that we always celebrate in some small way or another. I was at American Grocery Restaurant dropping off their weekly duck egg order & mentioned our anniversary to Susan. She suggested that we come for dinner. We are so accustomed to walking in the kitchen door for deliveries that we parked in back, caught ourselves & entered through the front door. Dinner was simply fabulous! We were seated at the table with the window into the kitchen so had a great time watching preparation. The food was amazing & even more so when we think that our animals make a tiny contribution & that we know some of the other local farmers who provide their great products to the restaurant.

On a comical note, the photo is of Eve, our little Ossabaw Island donkey, opening my package. When I let Eric out the gate to go to work this morning, he mentioned that he had a present from Grace, a longtime friend of the children. He set it & another bag on the hood of the car so that I could take them into the house. Since I had dog food with me, I headed back to the pasture thinking the things on top the car should be fine. I returned to find that Eve had chomped a big hole into the side of my package. The bow was intact & the contents were fine. Grace had given me a sweet gift of goatsmilk soap & lotion from the store where she works. It is locally produced & she thought I would get a kick out of it. Little did she know it would be so appealing to Eve. The contents of the package smelled great but apparently not great enough that Eve was tempted to eat them. All was fine & I had an amusing story.

I did make a grand trip through town today. I had to deliver the finished piece of collaborative art to Brook Glenn Elementary where I was artist-in-residence last week. All of the fifth graders had a hand in the project either with carding, dyeing or felting. It turned out nicely & the students were tickled to see me in the building again. As long as I was in town, I ran into Country Boys to buy a new bluebird house. We had such fun watching the nesting birds last season that we decided to add another house or two.
And one of my errands in town was to take a few skeins of yarn to the post office. This was a custom order for a lady in Atlanta. It is a lovely mohair with some greens & blues & just a little accent of purples. I love to dye & it is a fun way to pay the hay bills.

Pig Update: The pigs are loving their eggs! They are getting about 4 or 5 pounds a day of scrambled eggs & today they had them with some snow peas. I'd found a bag of snow peas that had fallen under things in the freezer. They had that icy accumulation in them so I decided to just let the pigs have them for a treat. Of course, pigs seem to think anything is a treat but there is nothing like hot scrambled eggs melting frozen snow peas!

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