Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Does this count as sculpture?

The goats & sheep have been busy carving away at this latest round bale. They love to eat right into the center of the bale. Since the hay all pretty much looks & smells the same to me once you get beyond the outermost layer, I believe their preference has something to do with the fact
that we leave the baling twine on the bales & it might be easier to pull hay from the center. In another day or so, we'll have to go out & collapse the bale. As funny as it is to watch the goats poke their little heads deep into the core, it is also dangerous. We've got a friend who recently sent a ram off to the slaughterhouse after it was brain-injured by a collapsed bale.

This handsome fellow is Kermit. His mother was an adorable little Nubian dairy got. His daddy was an angora buck. He spends the summer in his slick black "Nubian" hair but each winter grows in gorgeous gray fluff & curls. He is beginning to shed out his winter coat which will come off in huge blanket-like chunks. Unfortunately, his lovely fiber is not worth fooling with as he is an intact buck who spends much of the fall & winter making himself stink to impress the girls!

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