Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This has been a busy day. I've made dozens of trips in & out as I've had wool dyeing at the front of the house & roving & yarns dyeing in the stable. This photo is of some beautiful wool roving that I plan to spin into yarn as I pass time at the Upcountry History Museum this weekend. I also dyed wool locks in several different colors to card together for a pretty yarn. The museum is having an artisans' sale so I'm also getting some yarn dyed up for that. I love to see the dyed yarns hanging off of the front porch as they dry.

Pig Update: Everyone is eating well! The Hyatt has had a big function there for the last few days so we've gotten plenty of good kitchen prep scraps for the little ones. And they are still feasting on the dried corn that we got from Country Boy's back in the fall. The bigger pigs especially love when I pitch a few ears to them. Each pig grabs one & runs from the other pig, apparently oblivious to the fact that there are plenty of ears to go around. As I was dyeing in the stable today, I got tickled at the "crunch, crunch" of corn.

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