Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Babies

Looks like babies have begun! Fuzzy, a Tunis cross ewe who is an excellent mother, was calmly sitting in the pasture this morning with two little ewe lambs at her side. They had already been cleaned up & fed. It is so easy to tell if a new lamb has had its first meal because its little belly is no longer perfectly flat. These two little ones seem to be nursing nicely. Eric & I put Fuzzy & her lambs into my dyeing stall in the stable so that they can have a little peace & quiet. Fuzzy got lots of fresh hay, feed & water without competition from the other sheep in the pasture. And the lambs little umbilical cords that are still dangling down from their bellies are safe from curious chickens. Sort of makes you flinch thinking about that, doesn't it?

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