Thursday, February 12, 2009


George is an angora buck that was born on our farm several years ago. He was one of twin boys. Our precious friend, Jerry, wanted an angora buck because she loved their horns & pretty curls so for her birthday we gave her George. After Jerry died last year, her husband asked if we'd like to have George back. Of course, we were glad to take him as he is just a big old baby. Jerry had a habit of putting collars & bells on many of her goats so George came home with his bell. I love to hear that bell when I am outside working!

This is a picture of George drinking out of the ducks' sprinkler. George has plenty of clean water troughs to drink out of but seems to think standing at the fence with his tongue out as the mist pours down over his head is special. Most goats abhor water but the puddles accumulating on George's forehead don't seem to bother him.

The muddiness in the picture is a good sign as we had almost a quarter of an inch of rain last night. The ducks like to keep this spot dirtied up but if it makes them happy we are pleased to run a little water for them. We use a special nursery mister so very little water is actually running but it gives the ducks another place to play. And, obviously, George thinks he's found a special spot.

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