Sunday, February 15, 2009

Latest Piggies

We picked up 3 more piglets on Saturday. We went almost to Georgia for them but we've gotten stock from this fellow before & they are good. He had agreed to meet us at his friend's feed mill. It was drizzling so we stood in the mill chatting with the owner & watching for a truck with pigs. The mill owner said, "Here he comes now." but all we saw was a Suburban pulling in. That was our fellow! He had the piglets in the back of the Suburban because he didn't want them to get wet in an open trailer. The three little ones were huddled down in a rubber water trough. We popped them in the kennel in the back of our truck, covered it tightly with a waterproof tarp & went on our way home. I had to laugh when he stopped at an intersection & the pig smell from the back of the truck drifted forward & caught up with us. I'm just imagining how much more fun it would have been to have them in the truck with us!

Of course, to welcome these new little ones I cooked a nice skillet full of scrambled eggs. The fellow we bought them from sent along a bit of what they are accustomed to eating so we mixed eggs with their regular food. They did not hesitate to try something new.
I did work on some felting today & managed to ply that ball of angora rabbit & merino wool. I plied outside as the ball was still damp enough to spray everything around me as I spun. Eve, the Ossabaw Island donkey, stared at me through most of the process but kindly did not touch my wheel. Sometimes she is just too nosy for her own good & after she opened my package earlier in the week I just can't trust her. I never got up from my wheel until I was done & ready to hide it all back inside the house.

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