Thursday, January 14, 2010


I could spend the day watching the dogs. Amy, our oldest Anatolian, is tolerating the puppies nicely. She has never been a mother herself but has taken to the little ones slipping in and out of her pasture all day to visit. This is good since she is the one we are hoping will train the little girls to be good livestock guardian dogs. So far our biggest puppy problem is that Allez loves to chase chickens. I did take one out of her mouth yesterday. She had a Rhode Island Red by the tail feathers. I "helped" her release the hen and then rolled Allez on the ground and strongly scolded her. The puppies are developing a conscience, though. I can yell at them from the kitchen window if I see them beginning to follow a chicken and they will immediately put their tails between their legs and run to the front corner of the stable yard. This is just a puppy issue but certainly one we will have to stay on top of.

Ravi is getting along even better than we could have hoped for. We can even let him in to play with Regina. They roll each other through the pastures acting like absolute fools. The sheep, goat and chickens just step out of their way as they pass.

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