Friday, January 8, 2010

Some Days Things Just Take a Little Longer....

This is Eve. She is our little Ossabaw Island donkey who came to us as a rescue years ago. She was about 15 years old when we got her and absolutely wild. In the eight or so years that we've had her, she's calmed down considerable. So much so that she can really be a nuisance. This is my view from the back of the wheelbarrow. I was trying to get through the gate with almost 150 pounds of kitchen scraps from the Hyatt. Eve was standing in the way of the gate opening and was quite content to stay. I finally had to let go of the wheelbarrow, squeeze myself through the gate and push her away so that I could swing the gate open and get on with my task. Of course, when I got to the next gate I had to convince the puppies to stay in their pasture and not to run under my tires. I did not need the distraction of a trip to the vet with a squashed puppy to make my task even longer.

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