Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some Bird Stuff

The winter's eggs have been rather unusual. A lot have been smaller simply because the chickens we raised out last summer are beginning to lay so we're getting pullet eggs. We've also had a few extremely large eggs. The green egg is from an Araucana hen and is next to an extra large "normal" egg. It sure stands out! It did have a double yolk so must have just been a result of a bit of a backup in the egg production. And, no, it would not have been twins. Double-yolked eggs are basically never viable.

I've caught a few hens setting on duck eggs this week. The ducks just lay their eggs "wherever" so the hens come across them and become very protective of them. It is rare that I have to argue with a duck to get an egg -most don't stick around after laying- but those hens can be stinkers and love to peck. A few of the older gals will peck the skin on the back of my hand and then hold on and twist. They can be feisty gals.

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