Sunday, January 24, 2010


Pavl is our white crested black Polish rooster who has had such a hard life. He tried to drown last summer. I saved him by digging him out of the mud at the edge of the pond. I only dug him out to give him a decent burial so was shocked to find him alive. After an hour of lots of washing and a hair dryer, he came around. He spent way too much time in the house on a heating pad but managed to survive. When we reintroduced him to the flock, some of the old hens decided his top feathers were irresistible. They yanked them out by the roots and I found him bleeding from his almost-bald head. He now lives in the stable with a few companions. He follows me around when I am out there dyeing wool and he loves to be held, at least by me. He has become a spoiled little fellow. That's why he is looking comfortable and dry on this rotten day.

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