Sunday, January 9, 2011


I have decided to work through some of the fibers I've already got processed here.  I chained some white wool to dye but then got occupied with other farm chores so that is all the farther I got.  Perhaps today?
I tackled a pile of mixed wools & managed to spin two skeins before bedtime.  This was just odds & ends grabbed up & carded.  It is rare that my wool coordinates so nicely with one of the cats.  Luckily, Lola is not one of my fiber-eating cats.
It was windy & cold outside.  We are awaiting some sort of a snow & ice storm but it looks like these two are comfortable. Once the weather begins they will probably just prefer to snuggle under shelter somewhere.  Good thing we have plenty of nice spots to choose from.


  1. I bet with those nice warm coats they will be nice and snug! They have the most adorable faces!

  2. They are dolls! It is also precious to me how they curl up in family groups. Even our big old Nubian buck would snuggle with his little mother for an afternoon nap. She finally died last year & I miss coming out & seeing that sweet picture.