Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Rainy Morning

The weathermen have been yee-hawing for several days about our big potential storm.  They are loving using the footage from the bad weather a few weeks ago as they talk about what might happen.  As it is now, looks like they will have to be content with just a slow, steady rain which suits us fine.  I've been working outside much of the morning so thought I'd share some of what I've seen today.
We'll begin with Ravi, our best $20 dog ever, who can look at me without shame (see yesterday's post on little Sadie...).  He is a fancy, papered Anatolian Shepherd who is quite the gentleman.  We found him needing a new home and were happy to take him on.  He's been with us over a year now and is mostly perfect.
Sequoia, our Navajo Churro, had ended up on the wrong side of the fence when Al moved hay in the dark last night.  In fact, I could hear him hollering at me as I walked to the back of the property.  He had apparently heard the door to the house open and close so knew help was on the way.  He did not want to stay in the barnyard but wanted returned to his usual pasture.  I returned him and then fed a little extra hay.  Sequoia is that big fellow on the left corner of the photo.  Years ago we had to saw the tip off of his right horn as it was curling into his eye.  Otherwise, he's a strong, healthy, personable old boy who started life as a tiny orphan on a friend's farm.
The sheep don't mind the rain.  They were all studying to see what might happen to that bale of hay I'd laid on the other side of the gate.
The goats, however, were standing pitifully under the eave of the tractor shed.  They despise the rain or any form of precipitation falling from the sky.  One time I was irritated at goats bothering me as I tried to work outside.  I dispersed them with a good shot from the garden hose.  Whatever works.

And as I walked back through the barnyard to get another bucket of yarn to dye, I passed one of my favorite old sweethearts, Jezebelle.  She has the biggest mouth of any of our sheep, rivaled only by her daughters who have inherited her wail.  She loves attention and always makes me smile.

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