Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Days

I've got a project for today.  I want to spin up the roving I'd dyed as our snowstorm was starting.  I've already completed one skein and have about 12 more ounces to finish up.
Each day a little more snow melts but then freezes to an icy coating in the 20 degree night.  The ice coating this morning was thick enough to hold the weight of a small Shetland ewe who tried to follow me down a hill.  I was halfway down, crunching through the ice and then having a pretty steady footing in the snow below, when she noticed me.  She ran toward me from the top of the hill and then froze.  She literally skied all the way to me, crossing a good thirty feet of snow without ever moving her feet.  She'd locked her legs in panic and slid down the hill with a befuddled look on her face.  She looked so relieved when her feet broke through a weaker spot and she could gingerly go on her way.
And, although the lighting was not good for this picture, I want you to see the beautiful square bales stacked in the old barn.  Just yesterday the sheep finished off their round bale so Al carried a few squares out and laid them in the snow this morning.  The sheep are thrilled with their newest treat and we are pleased that we don't have to make a mess by schlepping round bales through the snow with the tractor.

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