Monday, January 24, 2011

This is not an innocent face....

I carefully butchered out 5 of our own shoulder roasts so that I could use the meat in a pot of Hungarian goulash.  I saved all of the scraps to cook up to add to dog food and then roasted the bones for the livestock guardian dogs.  They are the nice round bones that don't splinter so it is always a welcomed treat.

I tossed the meat scraps in a skillet to cook and ran downstairs to check something.  I purposefully used the back burner on the stove so as not to tempt little miss Sadie who had watched me as I worked in the kitchen.

I came back upstairs in less than five minutes and went to stir the scraps in the skillet.  The skillet smelled hot as I entered the kitchen. The perfectly empty skillet was quite hot and there wasn't a scrap of anything in it.  Nor was there a dog in sight.  Sadie had slipped off to the living room where she was perched at the top of the steps shyly watching to see if she had been discovered.  I will obviously need to be much more vigilant when I make the goulash.  And Sadie can almost not bear to make eye contact with me right now.  Bad baby.


  1. hahaha...I have one of those bad babies too! Mine drank the entire inside of two pumpkin pies sitting on the counter waiting to go into the oven! Guess she likes your cooking! ;)

  2. She had the nerve to stand next to me while I was making dinner. Roast chicken, stuffing, gravy, peas, etc. I had the sense not to turn my back on her......