Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poor Babies

We have plenty of shelter but sheep are just not as concerned with weather as goats tend to be.  We've also found that if they can keep their heads buried down in a round bale as they eat they don't seem to worry about how wet the rest of their body is getting.  So they have been wandering around eating as usual, seemingly unaware of how they look right now.  Pretty Girl, one of the Angora goats, has also been out in the weather and was letting me know by the look on her face how distressed she was.  It was, of course, her choice to go wander around in the weather in spite of all the nice shelter we provide.


  1. ahh come on mom! you have to feel just an itsy bit sorry for that pitiful girl..... ;)

  2. Of course I do - that's why I dried her bangs with my coat sleeve & went back in the house for a handful of granola as a special snack. I know how much the goats hate getting wet so have run like a fool across the pasture in the middle of a lightening storm to open a gate so that they could get under their favorite roof rather than hand out under "average" shelter.....silly babies.