Friday, April 15, 2011

A Family

In March I came across a listing for Cotswold sheep on craigslist.  We spoke to the woman who was about an hour away from us, took a drive to visit the sheep, liked what we saw and left a deposit.  We returned the next day to gather two adult sheep and three yearlings.

Curly is the Cotswold ram and Mollie is the ewe.  Our 14 year old German Shorthair Pointer is named Mollie so we changed Mollie's name to Mo - the perfect companion for Curly.  We also got Mo's lambs from last year, a pair of Cotswold X Shetlands, as well as a little year old Cotswold X Babydoll wether who was part of the original package.

As we were traveling to retrieve the sheep we got a call from their owner.  Mo, who we knew was pregnant, had just lambed.  To make a long story short, Helen and Ellen, the twin Cotswold girls, traveled home in the truck cuddled in my lap. Even at birth they were covered with gorgeous wooly ringlets that I can hardly wait to spin. After a happy reunion in the barnyard, the little family has been inseparable.  They have joined the rest of our flock but still manage to hang out as a family.  I came out the other day to find Curly just quietly watching over his little crew.

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