Monday, April 18, 2011


This is Mo, the Cotswold ewe who was in Friday's blog photo.  Al sheared her yesterday &she produced a beautiful fleece that weighed well over 8 pounds.  I believe she is a little embarrassed over the new haircut as I had to really work hard to take a picture of her, she kept walking away.  Her lambs still look a little confused over mother's new look.  Oh, and Mo came to use with a torn ear.  That was not a shearing mishap but the result of her ear tag being torn before we acquired her.  The little flap bothers me but apparently Mo is okay with it, it healed long ago and we are just trying to ignore it.


  1. 8 lbs! Wow!!! I just used Cotseold for the first time on a bag. All of the curls are amazing!!! You are going to have tons of wool to play with!

  2. The first thing I did with the fleece was test-felt it. I am tickled ;-)