Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing Catch Up

It has been a while since I've updated the blog.  We've got a few new babies including a little black and white ram lamb born Friday while I was at an arts day at a local school.  I went out to gather eggs and was surprised when this little fellow came flying around the corner of the stable and began to follow me.  It took me a few minutes to find his sweet little mother.
After a rainy week, we've finally had a pleasant day.  Freckles and her twins were enjoying the sunshine but the lambs were hunkered down low to avoid the heavy winds.
Betsy got separated from her sister, Bitsy.  We got the two several months ago and they were grossly overweight, seemingly having been fed way too much grain at their original home.  We've named them the Sofa Sisters as they are wide as couches and will knock us up against the fence posts to get through the gates.  They are especially anxious when they are apart.  Betsy just seemed sure she could force her way through the gate.
She and Bitsy both have such gorgeous fiber so I cannot wait until shearing time.  I just feel sorry for my sweet husband who will have to tip her and roll her around for her shearing.
I'm hoping to add some of her curls to a little felting.  I've been playing around with bags lately so think a few curls might be a nice touch.


  1. While reading about the "Sofa Sisters", I had to laugh out loud! :)
    Your purse is very pretty! I am in the middle of trying to make a larger bag.....we shall see what it ends up as...... Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks Kelly! These gals were tubs - probably nearly 200 lbs.each when they came. We could not even feel their spines & they simply waddled. We put them on good hay, cut out their grain & put them in a pasture where there were plenty of grades to trot up & down. They are improving but they can just slam you out of the way when intent on going through a gate.
    The bag is really more colorful than the picture. I love working with a resist & then playing with the shape on the washboard.