Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is the latest goose nest.  Both of the geese moved it again this morning while the gander watched from a distance.  For some reason they rounded up all of the previously discarded eggs and tucked them in the nest again.

I had to run a few errands in town so scurried out to gather eggs just as soon as I returned.  Something caught my eye.  Jezebelle had lambed.  She is one of our oldest Shetland ewes and we have been watching her closely.  She is prone to going down from milk fever.  She has also been limping a bit, perhaps from the lamb pressing on a nerve.  I was tickled to find that she'd had a simple delivery and that the little guy was up and around.  He is absolutely tiny!  I took off my size 8 barn shoe to show how little he really is.
In my excitement about the new lamb, I forgot and set a bottle down in the stable where Baloo, our bit Pyrennes X Kangal Livestock Guardian Dog was napping.  His nap didn't last quite long enough.
We use Pritchard teats to feed the lambs and kids when their mother's can't.  I buy them at least half a dozen at a time as there is no good substitute.  Guess I'd better count how many I have left and order a few more.


  1. awww, how adorable!!! Will the lamb stay the same color as he gets older?
    I bet you cannot let anything out of your sight for too long....it seems one critter or another will seem to get it!

  2. That red color is Tunis from his daddy. His wool will turn a creamy white but his face & legs will stay red like a redheaded person.
    We start mama & baby in a stall in the very secure stable for the first few days. Once they are in the pasture they live with the LGDs that are either Anatolian Shepherds or good old Baloo. They are amazing guardians, napping with the babies and even watching the skies for the threat of hawks. I still spend plenty of hours walking the pastures, usually because I find the babies so entertaining.
    And I think I have a ewe in labor right now. She is rolling and rubbing on the hay fever as well as talking to her backside. I'll go out and check as soon as I wash up a bucket of eggs.
    I am so blessed to have all this time to keep up with the creatures!