Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shearing for our Son

Last summer our oldest, Glen, and his precious wife, Kelli, decided to start a flock of Romneys.  After a few trips to a few states, they ended up with a ram and three ewes.  They had their first lamb a little over a week ago.
We are almost done with our shearing here so it seemed like a good idea to shear their sheep.  My sweet husband, Al, does our shearing.  It took us a bit of running to round everyone up but in the end the sheep were relieved of their winter coats and it looks like I've got a bit of wool to keep me busy for a while.
We'll have to make a return trip as Al did not shear one of the ewes. When he tipped her, it was obvious that she was very close to lambing.  He cleaned up her belly and her backside but did not want her to endure the entire process.  Probably a wise choice as she had twins less than 12 hours later!

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