Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've been in and out several times today.  We are waiting for some bad storms to be moving in later today.  The air is heavy and the sky periodically darkens.  The wind has been picking up and is now a steady breeze.  I've made sure all the right gates are open so that the animals can get under shelter.  Usually the cows and sheep just stand around when it rains but the goats race for shelter at the sign of the first raindrop.

As I walked back to gather eggs I noticed a little doe kid all by herself.  She was simply watching the world from her special perch at the back of the old barn.  Her mother was really only about twelve feet away but she looked like such an independent little lady.
I made my usual rounds gathering eggs.  I was enjoying the quiet little chatty noises that the hens make as I work my way through the nest boxes when I heard the dogs explode.  Gwen and Allez were fighting through the fence again.  Those two sisters have become more and more impatient with each other the older they get. It is hard to believe they flew here all the way from Iowa cuddled together in a little dog kennel.  Now they can barely share two adjoining pastures without tangling.  They do a lot of growling, barking and threatening.  On occasion one will get a nip in at the other.  Usually the other dogs just lay around and watch these two act up.  The goats and sheep just step out of the way.  I would certainly hate to have to break up a disagreement that did not have a nice strong fence in between it.

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