Sunday, January 18, 2009

Even busier...

Wilmer is a non-stop little guy! He can scoot all over the house & has quickly learned to open everything including the front door. He thinks it is funny to let the dogs & cats in & out but not all of them should be in or out. We've hung a set of sleigh bells on the front door so we know when he sneaks over to open the door. Since he demands such diligent care, I have seen very little of the farm lately. When the ground was frozen we made a few quick trips out in his wheelchair which allowed me to gather a few eggs or check on one of the older goats. Fortunately Al & Eric have kept up with the farm.

We've had two days where the nighttime temperature was in the teens. Several duck eggs were frozen & split longways each morning but the majority were fine. Hay consumption easily doubled for the two cold days.

Pig Update: The pig stall got a good cleaning today. They are meticulous about only using the bathroom in one corner so the job is not too complex but certainly needs to be regularly handled. These "institutional" Clemson pigs are not nearly as social as the small-farm ones we've gotten in the past. They are very high strung & everything seems to scare them. They are eating well but the pig with the lame leg has not gotten any better. Fortunately, he has only his brother for food competition. He'd be in sad shape in a larger group.

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