Saturday, January 31, 2009


Wilmer made it through several hours of surgery on Thursday. I've been with him the last two days & nights at Shriners & got home this morning. I did not get much sleep but he's the guy who has had quite a time. His surgeries were extensive & he is now in long leg casts. It is amazing to see how long his legs are when straightened out & to admire his feet now both facing forward. He has received extraordinary care & I must confess that the small kindnesses the nurses extended to me when I was most sleep-deprived made so much difference in my ability to continue to try to comfort him.

It was a pleasant distraction to help Eric unload chicken feed & to clean & sort eggs today. The chickens are laying just a bit more each day as the daylight hours lengthen. I'd mentioned all of the pretty white pullet eggs from the Buff Minorcas a while back. Now the other young hens are beginning to start their first laying & I am getting lots of adorable little eggs in various shades of brown. All of this indicates that we should have an excellent egg season!

Pig Update: The pigs got a healthy little treat this evening as I cooked up four dozen eggs for the two of them to share. They simply love that treat!

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