Friday, January 9, 2009

It all has to start somewhere

The adorable white egg in the photo is the first pullet egg from our Buff Minorcas. They are the gorgeous golden chickens that we started last summer. Since it takes about 28 weeks before a hen starts to lay, we were expecting something in the next few weeks. I found this little cutie in the chicken house that the Buffs have adopted for their own. Even though the door is always open & they can come & go as they please, all two dozen roost there each evening & many prefer to hang out there on blustery or chilly days. I found this little egg in one of the duck nest boxes which is down on the ground. I'll be curious to see how many pullet eggs we get over the next few weeks as their little egg-producing systems kick in. And before long the eggs will be a nice size. Won't they make a pretty white contrast with the pink, brown, green & blue eggs in the cartons?

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