Sunday, January 4, 2009

Spinning & Pigs

We have had fleeces accumulating in the barn for some time. I've decided to tackle them & get as many spun into yarn as I can before I have a residency at a school in February. I love to sit & spin but before I can do that a fleece must be sorted through, washed & dried. I usually like to dye my fleece before spinning so that adds a few days to the getting-ready-to-spin process. I spent Saturday at my friend Kyle's studio in Greenville & managed to spin a whole bobbin full of new yarn from one of our fleeces. Now I just need to keep it up!

Each year as Saturday Market begins I am approached by customers asking if we raised pigs again over the winter. Our pork was always well received as we raised the pigs free range all around the farm, fed them a varied diet & sent them to be processed while they were still pleasantly lean. We haven't done that for the last two years because of a variety of factors including feed costs & time constraints. After yet another inquiry about pork from a friend, we've decided to go ahead & raise out a few pigs this winter. We'll start three Duroc/spotted cross piglets when they are weaned in February but may look for a few more to start right now. We are particular about where our piglets come from having had mixed experiences in the past. Looks like I'll spend some time this week pig hunting - but only on the phone. Hopefully we'll have sausage by June.

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