Friday, January 9, 2009

The First Pigs are In

We picked up the first two pigs this afternoon. These came from Clemson but only after we'd checked that they'd changed their breeding program. We got some awful stock about four years ago, had friends with similar experiences & haven't used them since but thought we'd give them a try after learning that they'd changed the program. Unfortunately, one of the pigs came with a very obvious old injury to the hind leg. We've left a message with the program director. The pig is limping and its hindquarters are assymetrical but that is something we were not able to see as the gentleman loading simply transferred the piglets from his small cage to ours. The pigs do seem to otherwise be healthy & were curious about their new stall. We're starting with about 95 pounds of piglets so we'll see how they grow.

I worked on a nice skein of natural colored wool yarn made of carded "leftovers". There was so much that when I plied the skein, it would harldly fit on the bobbin of my wheel. I am trying very hard to spin regularly so am going upstairs now to start some white wool.

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