Thursday, January 1, 2009


After much encouragement & perhaps even nagging from others, it seems the time to start a blog. Of course, I had to tear myself away from fiber things to sit at the computer. I've decided to work on the stash & have been spinning up odds & ends of our wool & mohair that I've prepped & set aside. It started as I wanted to spin another skein of mohair curls to knit a scarf.

Most of the curls that I'd dyed earlier in the year were perfect for the task but I had several short ones that I began to pile up separately. And then I remembered that I had a bit of nicely dyed baby blue Tunis that was already carded & would look lovely with these blue, green & purple mohair bits so I carded them together, spun a simple yarn & began a hat. I simply scavenged around for more handspun to finish the hat which was knit in the round & done by the end of the day. I don't use a pattern, just cast on 60 stitches, knit for a while & then start decreases. Because I was using odds & ends of handspun, the different yarn textures are enough interest that I didn't feel obliged to do anything fancy with the knitting. Of course, I don't happen to have a picture of the finished hat but it did turn out nicely!

I had every intention of going to the stable to dye some more wool or mohair today but it was in the 20's this morning & then I got occupied with other things. Fortunately, I'd dyed some of Freckles' lovely white wool earlier in the week so spent part of the afternoon picking through blue, gold, copper & persimmon wool. I am joining my friend Kyle at Art & Light Gallery for first Friday so wanted something pretty to spin as we pass time. This wool & a huge bucket of mohair curls should keep me occupied for a bit.

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