Monday, January 26, 2009

Sesame Street

I never realized how amusing Sesame Street can be. Katy, our baby, just turned 19 & we really didn't watch much of it when the three children were small. I think it was only on once a day & not really part of our routine. Wilmer, our little guy from Honduras, thinks it is hysterical. I have been sitting with him while he laughs at some running joke about a camera. I am not sure what exactly is going on as I've used a little of this time to keep running out of the room to do house chores. Since Wilmer is so into the program, I am using it to have him help me with my Spanish. He keeps trying to tell me in English what is going on but I keep asking him for the Spanish words. He spells them for me & laughs when I try to pronounce them.

We are still going non-stop. Wilmer's appointment at Shriners Friday was great. He got lots of attention & they explained step-by-step with real equipment what would happen to him before his surgery. Because we do most of our own vet care, I have IV tubing, syringes & lots of other cool doctor stuff here so he has been coaching me through what will happen when I go to the hospital. He has measured the angles of my knees & feet dozens of times & has taped an IV tube to me repeatedly. I am thinking by now he must be fairly comfortable with the whole process - as long as they let him be the doctor!

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